When it is Time to Seek Drug Treatment

Posted by Tony Bylsma on April 11, 2014 under Effective Drug Detox Rehab | Be the First to Comment

Addicted WomanThe day that you wake up, where ever you ended up the night before, and know for sure that you have a drug or alcohol problem that cannot be ignored any more, and when you have finally reached a point at which you say, “Wow, I am addicted” There are some choices to make.

Choosing the right path will make the difference between successful recovery and failure, so your actions at this point are critical to your future.

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Truth About Tobacco, Some Questions From Kids

Posted by Tony Bylsma on under Drug Abuse Prevention Education | Be the First to Comment

A third grade student asked the other day, “If tobacco kills so many people, why don’t they just make tobacco against the law?”

We had just finished a conversation about tobacco and cigarettes and how many people are impacted by smoking. I wanted her to work it out, if she could, so I sent it right back, “That’s a great question. Why do you guys think they don’t outlaw smoking tobacco?”

I had several kids’ hands shoot right up. “They don’t want to because THEY are smokers!” “There isn’t enough money to stop all the smokers.” “There aren’t enough policemen.” “They don’t know how to!”

I thanked them for their answers and congratulated them because they were all correct. To propose a law banning tobacco sales would be unenforceable, would be political suicide for the bill’s sponsors and would never be allowed by the powerful tobacco lobbies. How I put it to the kids, was just:

“You’re right. Even if they tried they wouldn’t be able to stop all the smokers from smoking. The smokers need to stop themselves. Do laws make people healthy? No. People make people healthy.” Read more of this article »

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The Key to Overcoming Addiction

Posted by Tony Bylsma on April 1, 2014 under Effective Drug Detox Rehab | Be the First to Comment

The most widely agreed upon definition of addiction would be simply:

The continued repetition of a behavior despite known negative consequences. This could, but wouldn’t necessarily include neurological impairment or chemical alterations in the brain and body.

Currently, it is popular in many circles to consider addiction incurable.

This could explain the fact that most who subscribe to that consideration are incapable of curing a person of addiction. In fact, if they did actually cure someone, it would invalidate their pet theories and they’d either have to re-think their entire philosophy, or claim that the subject must not have been truly addicted.

Addiction is a learned behavior.

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Elements of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

Posted by Tony Bylsma on March 30, 2014 under Effective Drug Detox Rehab | Be the First to Comment

What are the needed steps to overcome drug or alcohol addiction? Here are some vital elements of drug addiction treatment.

  • An achievable goal.

First, it is important to put a goal there that can be achieved. Too often we hear of treatment modalities in which one of the first principles is a firm belief that addiction is incurable! This is misleading and can be counterproductive. The fact is, millions of people overcome drug addiction and go on to live productive, drug-free lives, some of them without any professional help.

However, the chances of permanently beating drug or alcohol addiction are much, much better if the addict does go through a professional and preferably drug-free, rehabilitation treatment facility.

  • Treatment should be of sufficient length.

The addict has been on drugs for years, the problem isn’t going to be reversed in 28 days. In many cases, especially with alcohol addiction, the user has been abusing alcohol since childhood! The body has developed, literally, around alcohol.

Maybe the kid began stealing a beer or two from the fridge at age 10 or 11. Then in middle school, was getting drunk at parties and in high school was drinking to excess every weekend.

With a nervous system and a liver that have actually been forced to grow around alcohol, or whatever other combination of drugs, it’s going to take time to re-adjust. That time will best be spent in a drug and alcohol free facility, learning to live an honest and straight forward life of which the former addict can be proud.

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How to Get Off Drugs and Stay Sober

Posted by Tony Bylsma on February 26, 2013 under Effective Drug Detox Rehab | Read the First Comment

That is not a small accomplishment. An addict always looks for a way to clean up and it seems to be an impossible task. But let’s break it down Drugfree!into simple actions.

Let’s see what is needed here:

1. First, get off drugs, then

2. Stay off drugs.

If the addict is actually, really addicted, step one must be done with the help of a qualified addiction counselor, in a detox rehab program designed to genuinely help the addict become DRUG-FREE. Simple enough, right? Then why do so many detox and rehab programs mess up this first step?!

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