Chances of Overcoming Drug Addiction

Posted by Tony Bylsma on August 7, 2011 under Effective Drug Detox Rehab | Be the First to Comment

Recovered AddictHello everybody, sorry about the sporadic posts, I have received some emails asking what’s up. I have been busy launching a couple of new projects, one on the net and one in the classrooms. But I should be able to catch up here soon!

During a lecture in a library last week, a teacher asked a question:

“Tony, what are the chances of anybody completely overcoming drug addiction, really?”
Before I answered him I asked if he ever knew someone who was successful at overcoming addiction to drugs and he said, “You are the only one.”  The students just stared at him.

So, what are the chances of not only beating addiction to drugs but getting back to “normal”?   Excellent

Don’t take a look at the dismal success rates that most rehab centers have. Most drug rehab centers don’t even rehab the addict; they just give him or her a short break from drugs and offer little or nothing in the way of actual preparation for a life without them.

Getting off drugs and recovering from the effects of addiction are two things, each one requiring a completely different set of skills. With help, anyone can get off drugs–meaning only that they stop taking them. But any treatment center that does not also provide the former addict with a set of tools they can use to go out and earn a living, carry responsibilities and live a life of which they can be proud is not a rehab center.

The likelihood of complete recovery of someone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, attends an actual drug rehab program and completes it is actually very good.
Once they are actually to the point of seeking help for their problem, the usual addict is looking for the road out of the nightmare that is addiction. Maybe some friends have died and some have recovered already and staying high is getting pretty stupid.

The trick is to seek full-fledged rehabilitation, not a quick fix or “rapid detox”.

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