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Posted by Tony Bylsma on January 31, 2013 under Drug Abuse Prevention Education, Drug Education Student's Comments | Read the First Comment

I thought the talk was really good. It has given me more of a reason to distance myself from all those drugs out there. I want to do and be better in life and this gives me a motive to just become a better person. I don’t need that stuff to make me feel better.

My thoughts have changed. I personally never took a drug, I was straight for my whole 15 years. Although everyone I know does drugs, I was smart enough to say no. Until one day I took an “edible”. (Marijuana in a brownie or cookie) I never thought it was bad until I heard that can be the worst way to take it. My heart dropped and I was literally shocked. Thank you.                                                                                                           10th Grade Student

I thought this Narconon presentation was really interesting and I learned a lot about how drugs work and how it can damage your whole body. It was very understandable and really made me think and now I am going to stop smoking weed. It made me want to tell my cousins, Aunt, Uncles, etc about this and for them to stop. I think this talk does change people’s thoughts and should be continued.

I can let my friends know that it’s bad and to stop before it’s too late. I want to help people and friends to get off drugs.                                                                     11th Grade Student

I thought this talk from Narconon was very good and informing. As for myself, I have used drugs like weed and Nos (Nitrous Oxide) and knowing all the damage it does really does scare me. It was like a wake-up call.

Knowing all the harmful things certain drugs so to you is pretty scary, it makes me want to stop using drugs. Since I learned about what weed really does to you I don’t want to do it anymore because I don’t want to have it in my system.                   10th Grade Student

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  • Marie Adamsly said,

    These are really interesting, but where are the little kids? they need this more!!

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