Heroin Addiction in the Middle East

Posted by Tony Bylsma on September 23, 2010 under Drug Abuse Prevention Education | 2 Comments to Read

The more I hear about heroin addiction in the Iran and Afghanistan regions, the more I speak about heroin and opium in high schools and community groups in the US. We’ve seen an increase in addiction here in California, and, heroin is one of the biggest “gainers”.

Here is a video that shows some surprising numbers in Iran, but a few pages further you’ll see a video from Afghanistan about opium that will break your heart.

It might be an easy thing to look at problems 15 thousand miles away and think, “THEY have problems…I’m glad it isn’t that way here!”

But the world is becoming more of a single community everyday, and heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and many other addictive drugs, both legal and illegal are destroying the lives of American youth as well. The same is true for every other region of the globe.

Without a serious effort to prepare and proof our children against the call of the drug pushers, more and more of these videos will come from every corner of the planet.

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  • Ronald said,

    That is one scary video. Thanks for putting it up.

  • Tony Bylsma said,

    Yes, it worries me more, every time I watch it!!


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